About Us

MedConnect is a Health Tech Social Impact Platform that works on women empowerment by reintegration of ‘at home female doctors’ back into the work force, and uses digital health solutions to connect them to the underserved. It is a unique telehealth platform that connects female doctors, who are home-based and were not able to practice medicine, with patients, who do not have access to healthcare, through telemedicine and video consultations.

An All-Female Health Provider Network

ICT enabled E-Health Centres in Underserved Communities

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Preventive Health Drives with Corporate Partners

Why We Exist?

Uganda is a culturally conservative and poverty ridden society suffers from two major market failures; (1) Inaccessibility of marginalized communities, especially women and child, to quality health care services. This is due to lack of female doctors, and also because cultural taboos limit a female to be seen by a male doctor. (2) Inability of female doctors that make the majority of health workforce in Uganda, to continue their careers post marriage and children again due cultural taboos, lack of support from family and cultural barriers.

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What We Do

E- health hub model - enabling access: By using trusted female frontline intermediaries in the communities and dormant health infrastructure, we have created a network of e-Hubs (walk-in clinics) that connect users to qualified female doctors online, while qualified nurses or health workers act as intermediaries.